Residential Counselor

Position Location/Pertinent Information

Position: Residential Counselor
Department: Homeless and Support Services

Human Services, Inc.
330 W. Market St.
West Chester, PA 19335

Description of Position: This position provides support to consumers living in the Price Street Community Residential Rehabilitation program (CRR). The CRR is staffed on a 24 hour basis. Residential Counselors may be assigned to any shift (7am-3pm; 3pm-11pm; 11pm-7am). Services include medication monitoring; modeling and teaching daily living skills; planning and facilitating activities on-site and off-site; assisting in the development of service plans; coordinating services with other providers and ensuring the health and wellbeing of the residents.

This position provides services at 113/115 Price Street, West Chester, Pa. 19380. This is a non-exempt position. This position requires transporting consumers therefore staff must have a valid drivers’ license and maintain a good driving record.

Employees are required to pass FBI/Criminal/Child/Driver license background checks. Employee must maintain a valid drivers’ license and current automobile insurance. Employee cannot be on the Federal ineligibility list.

Services are provided with a Recovery Orientation:
Human Services, Inc., in adhering to “best practices” standards, requires all services to be provided following Recovery standards. Agency administrators, supervisors, direct service staff and support staff must receive training in Recovery/Resiliency concepts on an annual basis. Services and all interaction with consumers and those involved with consumers must be guided by Recovery concepts.


  1. Report to the site at the beginning of the assigned shift and remain on the job till the end of the assigned shift.
  2. Review residential notes and staff log from the previous 24 hours.
  3. Assist residents with medication management; monitor and document taking of medications.
  4. Assist residents in developing Recovery-oriented goal plans. Goal plans are reviewed and revised every two months.
  5. Assist residents in learning daily living skills including but not limited to: cooking and nutrition, managing health care needs, personal hygiene, interpersonal relations, medication management, use of community involvement and supports, learning to use public transportation, managing personal space (bedroom) and community space (shared common areas), use of leisure time and recreational activities.
  6. Monitor health and safety of residents. Ensure health and safety by checking all site areas for health and safety problems, reporting problems to site supervisor and resolving problems under the direction of site supervisor/coordinator.
  7. Communicate with other staff work-related concerns and issues.


  1. Document residents’ activities during the shift in the residential notes.
  2. Assist in developing bi-monthly goal plans and reviews of goal plans.
  3. Document incidents using the incident reporting forms.
  4. Document the general shift activities in the staff shift log.

General Standards

  1. Dress appropriately for work.
  2. Observe professional standards of resident-staff boundaries, confidentiality and respect.
  3. While at work, conduct no personal business.
  4. Report any work-related problems to supervisor and/or coordinator including but not limited to problems with co-workers.

Training/Staff Development

  1. Participate in required Agency, State, County trainings and all other training related to job responsibilities.Mandatory trainings include HIPAA, Recovery/Resiliency, Cultural Competence, Fraud/Abuse, Complaint Management and Incident Management.
  2. Perform other related job assignments as directed.

Supervision: This position is supervised by the CRR Supervisor and the Coordinator. Staff receives supervision on an as needed basis. Supervision notes are maintained by the Supervisor.

Work Assignments: Work assignments are given by the CRR Supervisor and the Coordinator in writing and verbally.

Performance Evaluations: Performance evaluation is completed by the CRR Supervisor after the first six months (probationary period) and then annually. The performance evaluation is reviewed by the Coordinator and the Executive Director.

Organizational Chart: See Attached

Location:   West Chester, PA
Work Schedule:   37.5 Hours
Department:   Homeless and Support Services

Residential Counselor

This position provides support to consumers living in the Price Street Community Residential Rehabilitation program (CRR). The CRR is staffed on a 24 hour

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