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Stepping Stones Clubhouse

The Clubhouse program is a psychiatric rehabilitation program focusing on recovery through skill training in a work day setting. Members choose to participate in one or more of several units – Clerical, Kitchen, Maintenance or Education. Their experiences can lead to future employment in the community and greater independence and satisfaction in their lives. There is also a social component to the program outside business hours.
Members participate in decision-making, effecting every aspect of the program. The Clubhouse focuses on cooperation, work-readiness, friendship, self-respect and most importantly, abilities not disabilities.

The mission of the Clubhouse is to help people with mental illness integrate back into the community by building vocational skills and confidence during the work-ordered day, assisting members to set goals and turn ideas into action and to empower members to take
responsibility for the operation of the program.

Transitions Program

Transitions is a strength-based program that assists persons, 18 and older, with functional disabilities resulting from mental illness to achieve psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal adjustment and independent living skills so that they can experience more success in their lives. The program prepares individuals to achieve self-determined goals in employment, health and wellness, social and daily living skills.