Specialist – SOAR Program

A. Position Location/Pertinent Information

Location :

330 W. Market Street

West Chester, PA 19382

The specialist is a supervised, full-time, exempt position that provides services to a maximum caseload of 20 select clients per year who meet the criteria of the SOAR Program. This position requires outreach services as well as office-based services.

B. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Review assessments received by referral source to determine eligibility of the program, including income eligibility
  2. Formulate questions, based on assessment and medical records (if immediately available) and consult with referral source and identified client
  3. Determine need for additional records and information and initiate process to obtain such records and information
  4. Complete appropriate releases of information, including the assignment of representative
  5. Facilitate individual service plan based on documents needed for SSI/SSD process
  6. Complete necessary paperwork with or on behalf of client utilizing input from medical records, client history, and referral source
    1. work history report
    2. adult function report
    3. consultative exams
    4. disability report SSA-3368-BK, SSA-1696, SSA-827, SSA-8000, SSA-16-BK, SSA-3373, SSA-4814, SSA-3369*, SSA-561*, SSA-787*, HA-501*, HA-520* (These forms are only used under special circumstances and therefore are less of a necessity for the program
  7. Complete medical summery report
  8. Function as advocate and client representative to local and state connection at the Social Security Administration
  9. Develop relationships with medical records department throughout Chester County in order to expedite the receipt of needed medical/psychiatric/substance abuse records
  10. Develop training materials to present to community groups
  11. Present program to community agencies, as requested
  12. Provide and maintain appropriate documentation of all services rendered in the SOAR program
  13. Attend all meetings concerning the SOAR program including supervision and case reviews
  14. Other duties as assigned

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