Psychiatric Rehabilitation Supervisor

A. Position Information

Certified Psych Rehab Professional, Psych Rehab Supervisor, Peer Specialist Supervisor

All employees will adhere to Recovery Principles as employees of Human Services, Inc. Staff will participate in annual Recovery training and will utilize Recovery tools in the provision of services such as Personal Medicine, Power Statements, Common Ground, community integration and natural supports.

B. Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Oversees the day to day operation of the Psychiatric Rehab Program and Peer Specialists
  2. Responsible for the supervision and evaluation of program staff.
  3. Responsible for scheduling staff to maintain a 5-day per week program.
  4. Train staff in Psych Rehab procedures and services..
  5. Acts as a back up for other staff members.
  6. Screens all referrals for membership.
  7. Provides direct rehab services to members.
  8. Advocates for members as needed.
  9. Creates a socio-cultural environment which supports recovery.
  10. Monitors and implements compliance with agency Personnel Policies and Practices by staff.
  11. Ensures compliance with all documentation/paperwork requirements of Psych Rehab.
  12. Ensures that authorizations are kept up to date.
  13. Maintain CPRP license.
  14. Obtain 18 hours of training annually, including the Recovery Model, HIPAA, Fraud & Abuse, Incident Management, Grievance and Appeals, and Cultural Competence required by the agency, or Psych Rehab Regulations.
  15. Responsible for overseeing upkeep of the program area.
  16. Attend monthly supervisors meetings.
  17. Provide C & E activities relevant to the Psych Rehab Program
  18. Perform other duties as required.
Location:   520 E. Lancaster Avenue
Work Schedule:   M-F 8 AM to 4 PM

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What We Value

Serve with dignity, respect, hope and personal accountability. Embody the highest ethical and professional standards of service delivery. Inspire self-determination and healing. Embrace the principles of corporate citizenship. Forging community partnerships to provide everyone “A place to call home.”