HACM/CTI/Street Outreach Supervisor

A. Position Information

The HACM/CTI/SO Supervisor is a supervised, full-time, exempt position that is responsible for the supervision of the HAMC/CTI specialist and the daily operations of the HACM/CTI program, as well as maintaining a small caseload (20. this position requires outreach services as well as office-based services. The HACM/CTI/SO Supervisor reports to the Director of Community and Homeless Support Services.

B. Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Co-manage all personnel needs of the program including hiring, training, disciplinary action and terminating employees in CTI/HACM/SO programs.
  2. Plans, coordinates, and supervises the work of the CTI/HACM/SO Team
  3. Assess and assign cases and evaluates the work of the CTI Team.
  4. Monitors the development and implementation of service plans; reviews and approves Service Plans or assesses support needs.
  5. Develops, modifies, and assesses programs for meeting long and short-term goals for consumers.
  6. Evaluates services that are provided by CTI Specialists and Street Outreach Workers through individual and team supervision.
  7. Works closely with the Agency Oversight Staff and Director of Community and Homeless Support Services in planning, assessing, and determining program needs.
  8. Conducts ongoing program analysis and makes recommendations concerning the development and implementation of program.
  9. Manages a selected caseload of consumers, as applicable.
  10. Makes presentations concerning program objectives and services in the community.
  11. Prepares periodic reports and maintains accurate records.
  12. Exercises independent judgment and initiative in planning and coordinating consumer services; receives general administrative supervision.
  13. Assures the completion of all required documentation for data collection and billing requirements established by the licensing and funding agencies of Critical Time Intervention/Homeless Acute Case Management/Homeless Street Outreach.
  14. Create linkages with formal and informal support systems.
  15. Participate in CTI Team meetings, county homeless Decade to Doorway meetings, and all other pertinent meetings/trainings outside of the agency.
  16. Performs other related work as assigned.

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Work Schedule:   M-F 9 AM to 5 PM

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What We Value

Serve with dignity, respect, hope and personal accountability. Embody the highest ethical and professional standards of service delivery. Inspire self-determination and healing. Embrace the principles of corporate citizenship. Forging community partnerships to provide everyone “A place to call home.”