HACM/CTI D&A Outreach Specialist

Description of Position:

This position is based out of the Market Street office in West Chester, PA.  The Outreach Specialist is responsible for monitoring and maintaining all incoming referrals for the HACM/CTI program presenting with D & A needs. The Outreach Specialist will provide necessary outreach and engagement strategies to try to assist identified individuals to participate in D&A screening and to take next steps with following through with D & A recommendation. These outreach strategies may include many contacts over a course of time. The Outreach Specialist will make first contact with all D & A referrals in order to screen their appropriateness and assist in obtaining making appointments and taking the next steps to engage with D&A services.  The Outreach Specialist will assist identified individual with obtaining any documentation that may be  needed to proceed with  services.  The Outreach Specialist will make warm handoffs to recommended providers/services to ensure engagement.  The Outreach Specialist will help connect the individual to the services that would be most appropriate to meet their treatment and support needs.


Human Services, Inc.
330 W. Market St.
West Chester, PA 19380

FLSA Status: Full-time/Permanent/Exempt

Title: Homeless Acute Case Management (HACM)/Critical Time Intervention (CTI) Drug and Alcohol Outreach Specialist


  1. A bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, rehabilitation, activities, counseling, education or another related filed with at least 3 years of D & A services experience.
  2. Previous experience working directly with people experiencing homelessness and drug & alcohol and providing outreach to individuals in similar positions is required.
  3. Previous lived experience being homeless preferred.
  4. Previous lived MH and/or D&A experience with history of personal successful long term recovery management preferred. (must have D & A, not just MH)
  5. The following clearances are required for this position: FBI/Child Abuse History/PA Criminal History/PA Driver’s License. Employees must maintain a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

      1. Outreach
        1. Engage with homeless shelter/programs as the outreach liaison, to Provide screening of all new referrals to the HACM/CTI. Develop and implement engagement strategies to support individuals with their understanding of D&A and other available services.
        2. Provide support, education and outreach activities with homeless shelters/programs regarding D&A services, supports and processes.
        3. Develop and actively participate as a liaison to the D&A program/services to assist with referrals and warm hand-offs.
        4. Provide individual being referred to services including the HACM/CTI with detailed information regarding the program expectations and internal processes.
        5. Assist individuals in obtaining important personal documentation including but not limited to birth certificates, identification cards, social security cards, income verification etc.
        6. Provide support and assistance to individuals to assure connection to appropriate insurance and support benefits to meet their needs.
        7. Work collaboratively with HACM/CTI Program Manager in the assignment of referrals to HACM/CTI Specialists and to any other services including D&A assessments.
        8. Provide collaborative support to HACM/CTI staff in transitioning individuals from referral to engagement as a participating HACM/CTI client.
        9. Work collaboratively with HACM/CTI Coordinator, HACM/CTI Specialists and, where applicable, other team members to share pertinent client information, strategies and suggestions.
        10. Establish and build supportive, non-judgmental relationships with individuals participating in HACM/CTI program.
        11. Participate and contribute during weekly individual supervision.
        12. Explore and identify a various community resources that can be utilized by participants in HACM/CTI Program.
        13. Grow and develop existing relationships with landlords throughout the County. Seek out additional landlords willing to work with participants.
        14. When necessary, provide advocacy to participating individuals in HACM/CTI Program.
        15. Maintain database in order to track all referrals and staff caseloads.
        16. Maintain timely and accurate documentation as required by HACM/CTI.
      2. Clinical
        1. Screen and assess current drug and alcohol needs of each participant.
        2. Provide access to D&A programming when necessary.
        3. Facilitate movement through a D&A Level of Care Assessment.
        4. Other responsibilities as assigned by the CIT/HACM Program Manager

  1. Signatures:

    Employee : _____________________________________________________         Date:  ____________ 

    Supervisor: _____________________________________________________        Date: _____________


Human Services, Inc supports the vision of recovery for all those who experience mental illness. All staff of Human Services will utilize the Recovery principles to guide their interactions with clients and their families in the provision of services.  In partnering with clients, all staff will support and facilitate the use of Recovery tools that have proven effective in achieving the goal of recovery.

HOPE : a focus on wellness, health and hope.
CHOICE :  recognition of the client’s choice in all aspects of service delivery.
INDIVIDUALITY : being responsive to the particular individual’s needs and wishes.
PEER SUPPORT : the inclusion of peers and community supports in the planning of services.
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY : recognition of the inter-dependence between clients, providers and   community  supports as experts in their respective arenas.
COMMUNITY FOCUS and INTEGRATION : recognition and integration of an individual’s need for housing, employment, education and leisure activities from the outset of treatment planning.
RECOVERY PROCESS : service planning that reflects the view that recovery is individualistic and differently paced for different people.

I have reviewed the above and agree to adhere to these principles as an employee of Human Services, Inc.

Staff Signature ______________________________________      Date __________________

Location:   330 W. Market St. West Chester, PA 19380
Work Schedule:   37.5 Hours/Week
Department:   Homeless and Support Services

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