Director of Clinical Services

A. Position Location/Pertinent Information

This position is based out of the Corporate Office in Coatesville. The Director of Clinical Services supervises all of the supervisors of the Blended Case Management and Outpatient Therapy departments as well as both Wellness Nurses at the Thorndale office. The Director of Clinical Services is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the productivity for all programs within the Clinical Services Department. The Director attends serves on several committees within the organization and has a wide variety of time commitments outside of the agency from interfacing with the organization’s funding sources at the County and Managed Care level to participating in routine meetings with business partners within the agency’s footprint.


50 James Buchanan Drive Thorndale,PA 19372

255 Reeceville Rd Coatesville,PA 19320

2217 Baltimore Pike Oxford,PA 19363


Employment Status: Full-time/Permanent

Employees are required to pass FBI/Criminal/Child/Driver license background checks. Employee must maintain a valid drivers’ license and current automobile insurance. Employee cannot be on the Federal ineligibility list.

1. Supervision:

  1. The Director is responsible for directly supervising managers in the Blended Case Management, Outpatient Therapy services including Mobile Mental Health, Telepsychiatry, Office Manager, and Managers of Forensic and Internship departments/Supervisors. This position is also responsible for the supervision of satellite offices in Thorndale, Octorara SD and Oxford.
  2. In addition to departmental management, the Director is responsible for directly supervising two wellness nurses stationed at the Thorndale office.
  3. Approving timesheets or overseeing admin staff approving timesheets and time off requests for all Outpatient/Case Management supervisors as well as the Wellness Nurses.
  4. Facilitate monthly staff meetings with supervisors in all departments within the Clinical Services Division.
  5. Attend weekly Director’s meeting with the Executive Leadership team
  6. Evaluate employee’s performance in accordance with applicable policies.
  7. Actively participate in county meetings for program growth and development
  8. Work with the Executive team to respond to Grant requests and Request for Proposals.

2. Utilization Review, Monitoring and Management:

  1. Review and monitor productivity for all programs including Outpatient and Case Management.
  2. Develop and transmit New Client Report to the Chester County Department of Mental Health on a monthly basis.
  3. Develop and send Visit Approval Report to all agency supervisors including residential, and monitor follow up.
  4. Attend Credible billing meeting and assist with corrections needed for billing.
  5. Approving visits as assigned and supervision of staff assigned to approve visits
  6. Chart audits review and feedback
  7. Response to CAP’s, Audits, Complaints, Grievances
  8. Reviewing psychiatric services invoices for accuracy
  9. Ensure that all staff and programs are adhering to the funders/contractors regulatory standards.
  10. Monthly chart audits for all departments

3. Quality Improvement:

  1. Providing training and project oversight to staff on regulations and documentation.
  2. Assisting with agency form changes in Credible and communicating changes to all employees.
  3. Actively participate in agency wide Quality Improvement initiatives including the Safety, Quality Improvement, and Incident Management Committees.
  4. Review and update Outpatient and Case Management Policy Manuals as needed.
  5. Manage complaints from Chester County Behavioral Health (CCBH) and following up by developing Quality Improvement Plans and Policy changes.
  6. Seek out and actively participate in other Quality Initiatives that enhances services provided to clients and utilize the Principles of Recovery.

4. Miscellaneous:

  1. Conducts Peer Review for significant incidents.
  2. Clinical meetings with the medical director to review challenging cases and present to the team requesting support
  3. Attends various meetings outside of the organization including but not limited to The Youth Mental Health First Aid Project (YMHFA), County Core Provider Meeting, Mobile Services Meeting, PAC Meeting and ROSC Learning Collaborative, and any additional meetings assigned.
  4. Overseeing and leading in preparation for various County, State and internal audits.
  5. Review and authenticate invoices of internal medical staff.
  6. Troubleshooting any irregularity in medical records system (Credible)
  7. Have excellent knowledge of the Outpatient and Case Management Regulations.
  8. Annual training presenter for staff and ensuring that the most current information is presented annually.
  9. Create policies and procedures for the departments assigned
  10. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Team/President/CEO

5. Related Activities:

  1. Supervisor performs related work activities as directed by the President/CEO.

6. Training Attendance:

  1. Participate in required Agency, State, County trainings and all other training related to job responsibilities. Mandatory trainings include, HIPAA, Recovery/Resiliency, Cultural Competence, Fraud/Waste/Abuse, Complaint Management and Incident Management.
  2. Trainings requirements met to ensure ongoing compliance with licensing board requirements.

Organizational Chart: See attached.

Location:   50 James Buchanan Drive Thorndale, PA 19372
255 Reeceville Rd Coatesville, PA 19320
2217 Baltimore Pike Oxford, PA 19363
Work Schedule:   37.5 Hours

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