Child BCM

A. Position Location/Pertinent Information

This position is based in the Lancaster Avenue Office. This position provides mental health case management services to those individuals that have been identified as meeting the eligibility criteria for Blended Case Management and have requested those services. Services are provided on an outreach basis mostly and are to be delivered utilizing the Recovery Principles. Services should follow all State, County and Agency regulations. Services are billable the State, Community Care Behavioral Health or Chester County MHIDD. BCM services are provided on a 24 hour basis, therefore the Child BCM should expect to work a varying schedule that falls outside of traditional business hours.

FLSA/Employment Status:Non-Exempt/Permanent Full-time

All employees will adhere to Recovery Principles as employees of Human Services, Inc. (See attached document). Staff will participate in annual Recovery training and will utilize Recovery tools in the provision of services such as Personal Medicine, Power Statements, Common Ground, community integration and natural supports. Employees are required to pass FBI/Criminal/Child/Driver license background checks. Employee must maintain a valid drivers’ license and current automobile insurance. Employee cannot be on the Federal ineligibility list. Employees who support children must have the Child Abuse Clearance completed every 3 years.

B. Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Development and periodic review of individualized Blended Case Management service plan for each child on the caseload.
    1. Review of referral packet: intake information, school records, psychiatric medical and psychosocial history and current strengths assessment.
    2. Determine need for additional information and initiate processes to obtain such information.
    3. Conduct consumer strengths and need assessment involving consumer and, when appropriate, family members and school officials. Assessment areas include (but are not limited to) health care, mental health care, daily living skills, relational and social supports, educational/vocational supports, psychiatric/medical areas, and income and housing.
    4. Review the above data with supervisor and other staff (psychiatrist, involved therapists, and other provider agencies, health care personnel, school officials) to develop individualized service plan; discuss and develop strategies for implementation, maintenance and monitoring of plan.
    5. Provide outreach services at off-site settings to manage emergent and crisis situations.
    6. Be prepared to work a flexible schedule in order to meet the needs of the child.

  2. Facilitate BCM Service Plan:
    1. Addressing child’s need as specified in the service plan.
    2. Function as advocate of the child’s to access appropriate services.
    3. Assist child supported in developing and maintaining appropriate Recovery supports in the community (and family) that will assist in meeting the child’s Recovery goals.
    4. Provide problem solving and support to the child and consultation with other involved people on behalf of and including the child.
    5. Provide initiative in networking and communicating with various service providers and care givers involved with the child supported.
    6. Provide outreach services to the child and others involved. This may include home and community visits, school and hospital visits, and outreach to other appropriate settings in which the child may be involved.
    7. Provide assistance in joint intervention with other agencies involved with the child.
    8. Provide transportation assistance (when other resource are not available), when appropriate and safe, in order to achieve the goals of the service plan. There must be a goal of independent transportation if the child requires transportation assistance.
    9. Assist and manage crisis situations.
    10. Prepare to work a flexible schedule to meet the services needs of the child supported.

  3. On-call responsibilities:
    1. All BCM staff will share in the on call responsibility for the agency within 1 month of employment. BCM staff will cover at least 6 on call shifts per month.
    2. On-call staff must be ready and able to return calls from the MH On-Call Answering Service within 15 minutes of receiving the call. The staff person should let the answering service know when it may take longer to return the call (i.e.: staff is on the road; in an ER, police station etc.) and an estimated time to return calls. The answering service then can make a decision on when to call the back-up supervisor.
    3. On-call staff must be ready and able to provide telephone and face-to-face interventions when necessary and on a timely basis.
    4. BCM regulations require that a case manager is “on-site” whenever there is a (302) involuntary commitment in progress or imminent. (Refer to 201/302 Policy)
    5. All documentation must be done by the end of the on-call shift. There is a BCM On-Call Service form for documenting services provided during the on-call periods. The On-call staff starting a shift should check the visit list to see what activity occurred during the previous shift.

Documentation and Supervision

  1. Provide and maintain documentation of all service contacts with, or on behalf of the child supported according to regulations. Maintain chart documentation via the Electronic Medical Record System (Credible) to meet all Agency, State, County and MCO regulations and requirements.
  2. Document service delivery in Credible within 48 hours of the service contacts.
  3. Attend all meetings concerning the BCM Program including supervision (group and individual), case reviews, treatment team meetings, trainings and interagency meetings.
  4. Supervision notes are regularly reviewed by the Child BCM Supervisor in Credible.

General Standards/Productivitiy

  1. 120 direct billable service units are required each week. 75% direct billable service represents 6 hours of billable time per day.
  2. 4.5 hours per week will be allocated to travel and administrative time while 3 hours will be allocated to supervision (individual, group, on-call).
  3. Prepare to work flexible hours to meet productivity standards and the needs of the people supported.
  4. Develop an ongoing back up plan to increase contact with person supported when faced with cancellations or a person does not show up for an appointment.
  5. Enter work schedule in Credible each week planning for cancellations and no shows.
  6. For people supported by BCM (level 1), phone or face-to-face contact with the person at least every two weeks; Level 2. Contact every month)..
  7. The position requires 50% of time be spent in outreach activity.
  8. Complete service/goal plans every six months, authorizations every six months, releases of information annually and as needed, encounter signature forms once a month, outcome forms every three months, outpatient medication-only service plans every four months and other required paperwork as needed.
  9. Meet all Agency, State, County and MCO regulations and requirements.

Training / Staff Development

  1. Participate in required Agency, State, County trainings and all other training related to job responsibilities. Mandatory trainings include a 3 day State training, HIPAA, Recovery/Resiliency, Cultural Competence, Fraud/Abuse, Complaint Management and Incident Management.
  2. Perform other related job assignments as directed.

At Will Employment:

Your employment is at will. This means that you or Human Services, Inc. may terminate your employment at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Nothing in this job description or in any oral or written statement shall limit the right to terminate employment at will.

Supervision/Work Assignments/Performance Evaluations:
  1. Supervision is provided by the BCM Supervisor and Director of Clinical Services. Staff must have 3 hours of supervision per week. This is provided by group and individual supervision.
  2. Work assignments are given verbally and in writing by the BCM Supervisor.
  3. An annual performance evaluation is conducted by the BCM Supervisor and reviewed by the Director of Clinical Services and the Human Resources Department.
Location:   50 James Buchanan Drive Thorndale, PA 19372
Work Schedule:   37.5 Hours
Department:   Case Management

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