BCM Supervisor

A. Position Location/Pertinent Information

This position is based in the Lancaster Avenue Office. These positions supervise the Blended Case Management program or the Resource Coordination program. These programs utilize Recovery concepts and follow all State, County, MCO and Agency regulations. Services are billable the State, Community Care Behavioral Health or Chester County MHIDD. BCM services are provided on a 24-hour basis; RC services are provided during normal business hours.

FLSA Status:Exempt

Employees are required to pass FBI/Criminal/Child/Driver license background checks. Employee must maintain a valid drivers’ license and current automobile insurance. Employee cannot be on the Federal ineligibility list.


    1. Scheduling:Supervisor is responsible to ensure adequate staff coverage at all times. When an individual staff is unavailable to cover their case(s), the supervisor is responsible to ensure alternative coverage.
    2. Ensuring adherence to State, County, MCO and Agency policy and procedures: The supervisor is responsible for ensuring staff follows all Agency and Program Policy and Procedures as stipulated in the Agency Policy and Procedure Manual and the Program Policy and Procedure Manual. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:
      • Reviewing staff time sheets. Monitoring vacation, sick-time, comp-time, holiday time and in general whether staff are at work when scheduled.
      • Monitoring staff compliance with program requirements concerning paperwork, EMR, productivity, and case management responsibilities.
      • Monitoring staff comportment, adherence to appropriate dress, cooperation and attitude towards other staff, consumers, outside providers and all others whom staff interact in the course of their job responsibilities.
      • Monitoring staff use of agency vehicles, requests for mileage reimbursement and use of expense accounts.
      • Supervisors should be able to answer staff questions concerning Agency Policy and Procedures.
      • Supervisor must provide necessary information for program reports on a timely basis (census reports, opening and closing cases, etc.).
      • Disciplinary actions: Supervisor initiates disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions range from verbal warnings to termination. Disciplinary probation and termination can only be issued by the Executive Director.
      • Quality Improvement: Supervisor is responsible for ensuring quality improvement activities are completed. These include but are not limited to monthly chart audits, monthly compliance checks, supervision, use of best practices (Recovery tools) and completion of incident reports and death reports.
    3. Screening referrals/opening cases:
      • The supervisor is responsible for receiving referral packets, screening referrals to determine if the consumer is eligible for the services and assigning cases to case managers.
      • The supervisor is responsible for opening cases in the computer and entering any necessary changes.
      • The supervisor is responsible for determining, with input from the case manager, when cases are to be terminated and ensure all paperwork is completed on a timely basis.
    4. Monitoring CCBH/MH-IDD Authorizations,fiscal liabilities,units of service and productivity:
      • Supervisor must ensure all authorizations and fiscal liabilities are completed on a timely basis; monitor the utilization and staff productivity on a monthly basis.
      • CCBH POMS forms are completed on a quarterly basis, MH-IDD POMS forms are done on an as-needed basis. MH-IDD authorizations are done on a semi-annual basis.
      • Supervisor must monitor/review staff service documentation. Staff must hand in service docs within 48 hours of the service contact.


      • Supervisor must document all supervisory contacts. BCM and RC regulations require staff to receive three hours of supervision per week.
      • Supervisor should conduct one group supervision session per week.
      • Individual supervision should occur on an as-needed basis.
      • Any significant staff problems (or clinical) should be reported to the Coordinator for consultation.


      • The Supervisor should develop a direct service back-up system that will cover each consumer when the primary case manager is not available to handle a situation.
      • Supervisor provides direct case management services on an as needed basis. The supervisor must document all direct services provided.


      • The Supervisor provides liaison activities with other HSI programs, outside providers, the MH-IDD office, and Managed Care Organizations (CCBH, Magellan, CBH etc.).


      • Supervisors are responsible to train new staff in all aspects of the Agency, and staff job responsibilities. This training should be ongoing and be provided directly and by sending staff to conferences and trainings within the Agency and outside the Agency. Mandatory trainings include: HIPAA, Fraud/Abuse, Complaint Management, Incident Management, Recovery/Resiliency and Cultural Competency.


      • The Supervisor completes annual staff performance evaluations.


      • Supervisors are also requested to form sub-committees on an as needed basis to work on special projects.


      • Supervisor performs related work activities as directed by the Director.
Training / Staff Development
      1. Participate in required Agency, State, County trainings and all other training related to job responsibilities. Mandatory trainings include a 3 day State training, HIPAA, Recovery/Resiliency, Cultural Competence, Fraud/Abuse, Complaint Management and Incident Management.

Supervision/Work Assignments/Performance Evaluations:

      1. Supervision is provided by the Director of Treatment Services.
      2. Work assignments are given verbally, in writing and by email by the Program Director.
      3. An annual performance evaluation is conducted by the Program Director and reviewed by the Executive Director.

Employment At-will:

      1. Your employment is at will. This means that you or Human Services, Inc. may terminate your employment at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Nothing in this job description or in any oral or written statement shall limit the right to terminate employment at will.
Location:   520 E. Lancaster Ave. Downingtown, PA. 19335
Work Schedule:   37.5 Hours
Department:   Case Management

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