Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator

A. Position Location/Pertinent Information:

Position: Accounts Payable/Payroll Administrator
Department: Fiscal Department

Human Services, Inc.
410 Boot Road
Downingtown, PA 19335

Employment/FLSA Status: Full-time/Non-exempt

This position is primarily responsible for processing expenditure transactions, including payroll, accounts payable, employee reimbursements, and temporarily restricted assets. However, the duties will also include billings for certain programs.

B. Essential Functions:

A. Accounts Payable

  1. Review cost center invoices for properly completed Purchase Orders and proper coding, cost center assignments and allocations.
  2. Process invoices on a daily basis and prepare accounts payable journal entries for posting to G/L.
  3. Prepare pre-payment report for review by CFO prior to payment to ensure that invoices are properly approved by program supervisors and/or program supervisors.
  4. Prepare checks/ACH for signature to ensure that checks are properly signed and mailed
    promptly by staff Independent of the A/P function.
  5. Prepare journal entries to record payments in the general ledger.
  6. Reconcile A/P detail (open invoice report) to the G/L, at a minimum on a monthly basis.
  7. Prepare year-end Forms 1099 and A/P audit schedules, as required.
  8. Calculate monthly employee compensation associated with Employer-provided life insurance.
  9. Calculate monthly program expenses for preparation of monthly program invoices.
  10. Under the direction of the Senior Accountant, prepare monthly overhead expense allocation entries prior to monthly closing.

B. Payroll

  1. Process bi-weekly payroll (P/R), including review of P/R processing company reports to data submitted to ensure that (1) P/R was properly processed (2) withholding taxes have been properly submitted to taxing authorities and (Employee deductions for 403(b) contributions have been
    timely remitted to the Plan Administrator. Periodically review participant accounts to ensure that employee and employer contributions have been properly credited to the participants’ accounts.
  2. Coordinate with Human Resources Department and P/R processing company to ensure that all payroll related data, including salaries, deductions, and taxes have been properly submitted to and processed by P/R processing company.
  3. Prepare all payroll related journal entries, including bi-weekly P/R entries and month/year end payroll and vacation accruals.
  4. Prepare monthly allocation entries to allocate payroll and overhead.
  5. Process all employee changes, such as new hires, terminations and salary adjustments, as well as employee health and retirement benefits to ensure that all employee deductions are processed properly and that all tax deposits and employer 403(b) contributions are transferred in a timely manner.
  6. Reconcile payroll data to Federal Form 941.
  7. Assist the Executi ve Direc tor and Human Resources Manager by providing employee payroll data, as needed.

C. Other Responsibilities

  1. Prepare monthly billing for all HSI programs and reconcile to G/L.
  2. Working hand-in-hand with the Program Supervisors, prepare program budgets and reconcile to actual on a periodic basis.
  3. Provide program supervisors financial data, as required, in connection with reporting to respective funding agencies.
  4. Prepare Daily/Monthly Cash Activity schedule to enable the CFO to assess cash availability and future requirements and reconcile revenue activity for the month..
  5. Make daily bank deposit and provide deposit ticket to Senior Accountant for reconciliation to bank statement.
  6. Support the CFO and Senior Accountant, as required.
Location:   Downington, PA
Work Schedule:   37.5 Hours
Department:   Fiscal

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